Your Piece of Australia  

20,000 acres freehold land in North Queensland for sale   

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Cape York: The Cape York region is one of the largest wilderness areas in the world that remains relatively untouched. A vast area of unexplored wilderness, magnificent national parks, sacred Aboriginal sites, unexplored rainforest, rugged mountains and swampy marshlands.

Cairns: Tourism centre of the north, with international airport, shopping centres, nightlife and all facilities of a modern metropolis.

Cooktown: Northernmost town on the east coast with great history, boat-ramp, super market, hotels, shops and services, state school, airport, just one hour drive from the farm.

Lakeland: Nearest town with primary school, roadhouse, motel, coffee shop, airstrip.

Laura: Famous for it's aboriginal art sites, airstrip, general store, police station

Lakefield National Park: One of the biggest national parks and tourist spots.

Mareeba: Main trade centre for cattle in north Queensland.

Great Barrier Reef: World's biggest reef with great diving spots just 60 km away.

Daintree Rainforest: World's oldest remaining rain forest with vast biodiversity and unspoiled nature.